Dear Dad 3.10.21 Cold, Mom, Hospital



I guess I was wrong when I suggested it might never be as cold again as it was in the 1960s. I am amazed by how many have frozen pipes or other freeze-related problems. The kids lost power, but no frozen pipes. We had a house as full as if it was a holiday for a few days. Nice to have all together even if in a bit of a trying time.

Thanks for getting your COVID shot. We will all feel better visiting or going out with you now.

I am out of the hospital as I write this. My problem was a side effect of the radiation I received 11 years ago for prostate cancer. The fancy name for the condition is radiation-induced hemorrhagic cystitis. This means blood and blood clots in my bladder making it impossible to pee. It was very uncomfortable, painful, and scary. But, it seems to have mostly subsided. I am walking around with a catheter and bag for a few days. Then, next week to the urology clinic for some more tests followed up in about a month by having the inside of my bladder examined with a camera.

Austin and Haley are coming to see you soon (this weekend or next). They want you to meet baby Emory. It makes me sad Mom is gone. She would have really enjoyed meeting and holding the baby.

One of the times I think about the Mom the most is when I am out and encounter a baby or small child, especially at a restaurant. Remember how Mom would focus all of her attention on getting the attention of whatever baby/small child was within a couple of tables away. She seemed to always be successful in soliciting a smile or laugh.

Another time I always think of mom is when I am driving by myself, especially in the morning. As you remember, I used to talk with mom on the phone while driving to work almost every day.

We remember and reminisce about past events and conversations — but what we genuinely miss in my opinion are the events and conversations we didn’t have yet and will never get to have. All of us must see or hear something daily we would share with Mom if only we could.

Hope you are doing well. As soon as I get rid of my catheter and the accompanying bag, I need for a few more days, I will be out. And, as soon as you have your 2nd shot let’s get out and try some of the restaurants in the surrounding small towns (think 20-mile radius). Maybe if your camping group is meeting again, we can go to one of their meetings and perhaps play a few rounds of dominos.



When is the last time you did something for the first time?