Dear Dad 1.23.21 Grandkids (mostly)

An old friend from high school (Butch Morrison) once said to me “Terry, grandchildren are God’s gift for not killing your children”. When I repeat I change to “they are God’s gift for not letting your wife kill the children”.

Over the years I have told many friends and relatives that the purpose of life is watching your kids grow up. I have amended this thought to include grandchildren. It now seems quite important to be included in the life of grandchildren. I hope my grandchildren will have the kind of memories of Nancy and me that your grandchildren have of you and mom. I occasionally read again the things your grandkids wrote for you when you turned 80. You can read it on your IPAD at I will show you how to find it next time I am out.

Covid has made it difficult to see many of our relatives including grandchildren. When Covid is less prevalent in a few months, hopefully, we will get back to some sense of normalcy. My guess is family visits will return to something like it was before. But, not sure what is in store for the rest of our interactions with the world. I am hopeful and somewhat optimistic. If it appears safe to go out again, you and I might attend some activities at a senior citizen center a day or two each week.